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Fast, Reliable and Locally Owned

Lets Get Your Device Fixed.

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Fast, Reliable and Locally Owned

Fast, Reliable and Locally Owned

Lets Get Your Device Fixed.

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Fast, Reliable and Locally Owned

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Any of the booking methods we offer are quick and easy! In most cases you can complete your repair booking in a minute or less!


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Google Reviews

Based on 207 reviews

  • Only god knows how people like him are still in business? You should be ashamed of yourself treating customers like piece of trash. You have 0 customer service. Greed is in your soul. I’m a business owner myself so for me to write a bad review is BAD!! But., you earned it. Make story short.. he will replace you your screen with the cheapest quality in the market, your phone will get more damage than before and than the best part about it you’ll come the next day to explain him that your phone isn’t working properly and he would point on a piece of paper talking about this is the policy we can’t do anything and turn his back around and continue his work while you stand there looking like what’s going on? Be human before anything. Overall stay away as far as you can. There’s plenty of phone repairs in Atlanta who deserve our business than this place.

    Elinor Dahan a week ago
  • Had my iphone screen repaired here. Within 2 weeks it cracked just from being in my pocket. Wasn't reimbursed or compensated in any form. Stay away. Editing in response to the shop. My phone did not hit anything while it was in my pocket, nor did I come into the store and demand a free replacement. Repair couldn't withstand existing inside my pocket apparently. Very frustrating.

    David Mattione 2 months ago
  • I had a terrible experience with their customer service. I went to get my phone screen replaced, but after the repair, my camera stopped working. When I brought it up, the staff member got defensive and blamed me, even though my camera was fine before. They kept referring to their policies instead of addressing the issue. To make matters worse, when I tried to turn on my phone inside the store, it wouldn't even power up. The staff insisted on more waiting time, despite me mentioning I was short on time from the beginning. I definitely wouldn't recommend this place to anyone.

    Abdi reaction a month ago
  • Been here multiple times, they always help me out. Great place to get your phone fixed. Highly recommend

    Alfred Breland a month ago
  • Scam artist! Literally damage parts in your phone for you to pay more for the repair. Stay away

    Xavier Brunson 4 months ago